Why We Feel Like Crap (and don’t realize it)

exercising-keeps-you-healthyThe interesting part of getting unhealthy is that it happens slowly. So slowly in fact that we generally don’t even notice our health going down the toilet. After a few years we still don’t notice that we can’t sleep well, or that our joints hurt. This is just like the “slowly boil the frog alive” cliche.

The good news however, is that getting healthy is fast! Your body wants to be healthy, that’s why even consuming all these shitty goods and bad habits it takes a long time to get unhealthy.

No one ever gets emphysema from 1 cigarette, it takes years and years of constant smoking.

When you start eating healthier foods such as fruits, spinach, vegetables, etc and start exercising more you will notice that you start to feel better right away. This is usually enough to persuade people to keep at it. We are talking about exercising a little bit and generally eating better – not training for a marathon!

Whats the Best Way to Start Getting Healthy Again?

  • Cut Down on Non Nutritional Food
  • Eat More Fruits, Veggies, White Meats
  • Avoid SodaPop like the Plague
  • Start Exercising More – 30 Minutes a Day – in fact. Exercise has been shows to stave off the effects of aging and increase the amount of time you can be self sufficient.

While getting unhealthy is a long and slow process, getting healthy again is surprisingly easy – and quick! If you can start using the 4 bullet points I gave you, you will notice huge differences in a very short period of time. By getting your health back you might notices all kinds of crazy things happening, such as your joint pain might subside, or you have more energy.

It will take you some effort but I promise it will be very worth it, and since you’ll notices changes right away it will hopefully ingrain it in your head to stay healthy! It takes some serious work but it is worth it.

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