How Your Diet Can Make or Break Your Health

Hey! It’s been a bit since I have been able to write an article – sorry!

Today I’d like to talk about how important it is to have a sound diet. Diet is often highly overlooked, but it’s probably the most important facet of good health and well being.

How Important is our Diet?

“You are what you eat” that old cliche is something we have all probably heard – but do you actually understand it? To put it as simply as I can say you want to eat a snickers bar. There is nothing wrong with eating one, however how long does it take you to eat it? a minute or two probably, but that one snickers bar has close to two hundred calories! That’s the equivalent to running 1.5 miles! Can you do that in a minute or two? No!

Not to mention that snickers was so good that you mind as well and eat another one, that was also easy.

What I’m trying to say here is that it’s far easier to consume calories than it is to use them. To make it worse the food companies engineer them so they are highly addictive. This leads to excess calories in and nowhere near enough out. This causes our bodies to store the unused energy (calories) for a famine – which will never come.

How To Have a Good Diet?

Basically the more natural the food is, the better it is. Some foods even have negative calories. Well not really but say you eat some celery – you can’t digest it and it can take forever to chew so you use energy on the chewing and you don’t digest it so you don’t add any calories.fruit-diet

Fruit is extremely low in calories, especially watermelon. It wills you up but adds nearly nothing to your caloric intake. You’ll want to eat a lot more plants, fruits, berries, nuts – even though they are high in calories they take a lot of energy to digest. Also they are great for long term energy.

Don’t underestimate this, if you eat more of the good stuff you’ll quickly shed pounds and you’ll feel a lot better quicker than you might have thought.

Remember getting unhealthy is a long and slow process so we get accustomed to feeling sick, but getting well can happen fast!


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