Exercising for Health!

It’s no secret, healthy people look better. Healthy people are also much more attractive to other people, this is because before modern times we wanted to pass on the best genes to our offspring. Today we are still attracted to healthy people, so getting healthy is much better than just looking good. Especially if you’re single!

However even if you’re in a committed relationship getting healthier has many benefits and your spouse will also get more attracted to you as well!

Exercise is Boring Right?

This is up to you, if you think it as a chore then yes you’ll find it boring. But if you can find a way to get excited about it then you’ll love it. Once you make a point to exercise several times a week, after a few months it will become habitual and you wont even realize it was hard to do before!

Exercise Benefits

Exercise has some amazing health benefits! In my opinion I believe everyone needs to exercise everyday, other than being a great stress reliever it helps to control your weight, strengthen muscles and BONES!Exercising is great for your bones

That is something many people don’t realize. In order for your muscles to get stronger your bones needs to get stronger as well. Your muscle derives their strength from your bones. Take body builders for example. They can pick up things and do crazy stuff that would more than likely snap your arm or leg into bits, but they can do it no trouble! It’s because they do a lot of strength training and their bones (as well as muscles) have grown strong.


Here is a video about exercises for osteoporosis

One of my favorite people to learn from on how to be as healthy as possible is Kayla Itsines, I’d definitely follow her on facebook. She obviously focuses on women but since that’s what I am I love her! Kayla has become a powerhouse fitness coach and has thousands and thousands of followers. She even has her own exercise program that is pretty great.

Of course exercising is fantastic for your appearance too, exercise is anything you do to get out and move around. It can be as simple as a walk on a beach or take the stairs to work. However it can also be doing an Ironman triathlon. But the point is to just get out and move around!

Exercising Made Easy

One of the easiest ways to exercise is to follow a program to help you. Some good ones are P90x for men (and women) or insanity put out by beachbody. I like these because they have a set schedule and you feel like you’re doing it with someone.Exercising with someone else helps

Another great idea is to find a walking buddy, it’s so much more enjoyable to do physical activities with someone. I always take someone along with me, usually my husband but sometimes i’ll take a close friend.

Exercising is crucial to your health, however you do it just get out and do it!